Director of the Psychological Services and Research Centre (PSRC)

Dr. Rosanne Menna

Practicum Coordinators:

  • Dr. Annette Dufresne—Adult Clinical Services
  • Dr. Rosanne Menna—Child Clinical Services
  • Dr. Chris Abeare—Neuropsychological Services

Additional faculty supervisors associated with the Adult Clinical program include:

  • Dr. Antonio Pascual-Leone
  • Dr. Cheryl Thomas
  • Dr. Josee Jarry
  • Dr. Ben Kuo
  • Dr. Michael Boroughs

Child Clinical supervision is also provided by:

  • Dr. Patti Fritz
  • Dr. Rosanne Menna
  • Dr. Lance Rappaport

Clinical Neuropsycholgy supervision is provided by:

  • Dr. Joe Casey
  • Dr. Chris Abeare
  • Dr. Carlin Miller
  • Dr. Renee Biss
  • Dr. Kris Romero


Updated September 2021