Quality Assurance Frameworks

Ontario Quality Assurance Framework:

The Ontario Universities’ Council on Quality Assurance (Quality Council) was established in 2010. The Quality Council operates at arm’s length from universities and recognizes the institution’s autonomy to determine priorities for funding, space, and faculty allocation.The Quality Council gives final approval for proposed new programs to commence, and receives an annual report on major modifications to existing programs. 

The Quality Assurance Framework was developed by a special task force within the Quality Council, which worked closely over a two-year period with the Vice-Presidents Academi; it was approved by the Executive Heads of Ontario universities. The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (now the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development) was also consulted during the Framework’s development. 

In 2018, the Quality Assurance Framework underwent review and revisions coming out of this review were completed and approved in February 2021. The revised Framework and Guide can be found by clicking on the link above, or found here

University of Windsor's Institutional Quality Assurance Process:

The Quality Council approves each university’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) and conducts a periodic audit of how each university’s IQAP is administered to ensure that the manner in which each university conducts its program reviews conforms both to the university’s IQAP and the Quality Assurance Framework. The University of Windsor revised its IQAP based on the Quality Assurance Framework’s revisions and was approved by the Quality Council in 2023.

Please refer to Windsor’s revised Institutional Quality Assurance Process IQAP (2023).