Audit of Quality Assurance Processes

Audit of Quality Assurance Processes

The Quality Council approves each university’s Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP) and conducts a periodic audit of how each university’s IQAP is administered to ensure the manner in which each university conducts its program reviews conforms both to the university’s IQAP and the Quality Assurance Framework.

All publicly assisted universities in Ontario have committed to participating in the audit process once every eight years. The objective of this audit is to determine whether the institution, since its last audit, has acted in compliance with its Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP), as ratified by the Quality Council. The University of Windsor will thus be undergoing its second audit in Fall 2024.

The Quality Council held a Pre-Audit Orientation Session at the University of Windsor on October 31, 2023 to provide information about the 2024 Audit. A selection of programs were to be selected by the Quality Council to represent the quality assurance processes undertaken across a wide range of disciplines. There were eight chosen programs selected for the Audit to represent examples of completed and in-progress quality assurance activities. The documentation outliing these processes as well as an Institutional Self Study are due for submission to the Quality Council in July 2024.

The programs selected to support this audit are: 

New Programs
• Translational Health Sciences, MSc, Faculty of Science, approved by the Quality Council in 2021
• Materials Chemistry and Engineering, MSc, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science, approved by the Quality Council in 2020

Cyclical Program Reviews (CPR):
• Nursing (BScN, MScN, MN, PhD), 2019/20, Faculty of Nursing
• History (BA, BA Honours, MA), 2020/21, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science
• Human Kinetics (BHK, MHK, MSML, PhD), 2017/18, Faculty of Human Kinetics
• Dramatic Arts (BA, BFA), 2021/22, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

In-Progress Quality Assurance Activities:
• Mechatronics System Engineering (BASc) (New Program Proposal)
• Communication, Media and Film (BA, MA) (CPR Schedule: 2022-2023)

A Quality Council Audit Team will conduct a Site Visit over three days in November 2024.  

Windsor’s first audit occurred in 2014. The detailed findings of the review can be found in the Summary of Auditors’ Report on the Scope of the University of Windsor's Reponse to the Quality Assurance Audit in 2014.