Research Grants for Women (UW-RGW)

University of Windsor Research Grants for Women are small non-renewal funding opportunities for female and female identifying researchers to conduct research and other scholarly and artistic activities that aid in strengthening their future external grant applications.  These grants are administered by the Office of Research and Innovation Services (ORIS). Adjudication will be conducted by a peer review process comprised of a committee consisting of four to six faculty members, broadly representing the relevant Faculties, along with the Executive Director, Research and Innovation (as Chair).  The committee composition will be renewed from time to time.

There is one competition annually for the University of Windsor Research Grants for Women, with an application deadline of March 15.

Applications accepted throught the ERSO Research Portal

The maximum amount per grant is $5,000 with all funds provided solely by the University of Windsor.

University of Windsor Research Grants for Women are intended to:

  • contribute financial support to eligible applicants to help them establish a research program or initiate a new project that will attract external support;
  • provide seed money for well-defined projects that will lead to applications for external grants by individuals or groups; and,
  • provide research funding for discrete independent research projects leading to publications/scholarly and creative work.

Eligible Expenses

The following expenses are eligible for funding:

  • Conference calls and other ‘virtual’ meetings between prospective collaborators
  • Travel to meet with prospective collaborators (conference travel is not eligible)
  • Student research assistance
  • Editing of a research grant by a professional editor
  • Statistical consulting
  • Office expenses (not to exceed 10% of total award)
  • Actual costs of use of specialized research equipment (equipment purchase is not an eligible expense)

The University of Windsor’s Office of Research Finance will administer grants awarded under this program in a manner similar to other research grants.  Any funds not spent within the time allocated for the research project will revert to the research fund, to be redistributed to other research projects.

The grant holder is responsible for any over-expenditures with respect to this grant. For other expenses, please check with the Office of Research and Innovation Services.

Grants are for a maximum of two years, beginning June 1, 2021, and terminating on May 31, 2023, at the latest.  After the termination date, the research account set up for the administration of the award will be closed and any remaining funds will be returned for the next competition.  An extension of up to six months may be granted in exceptional circumstances.  The grant holder must contact ORIS regarding such an extension.

Successful applicants must receive approval for all research that involves human subjects, biohazards, radioisotopes, or animals from the appropriate institutional research compliance bodies, e.g. Research Ethics Board before funds are released.

Applicant Eligibility

All female full-time Faculty members, Librarians, and Ancillary Academic Staff who hold a Tenured/Continuing appointment, Tenure-track/Continuing appointment or Limited Term appointment are eligible to apply. The term of appointment for all applicants, who hold either a renewable or term appointment must cover the time frame associated with the proposed research.  Applicants must not have other funding for the development of the research project in question.

Applicants who are eligible to apply to both the Women’s Grants and the UWindsor SSHRC Explore Research Grant (UW-SE) shall apply to one program only, and shall not hold more than one UW-SE or Women’s Grant during the two-year term of any awarded grant.

Applicants who receive funding from this grant program are eligible to apply for a different project during the second year of their award provided that a progress report for the currently funded project is submitted. The progress report must clearly demonstrate that a full application has been submitted to an external agency using funds from their previous award.


All grant holders must submit a final report, including the impact the award had on their work, within one month of the termination of the award. Grant holders who fail to submit a report will be ineligible for future internal grants. The information supplied in these reports will be used to report grants’ outcomes to SSHRC. 

Apply in the ERSO Research Portal

Deadline: March 15, 4:00PM, annually

Submit a Final Report