Committee Membership

Membership - 2022-2023

Executive Members

Dr. Matthew Krause 
Chair of RSC 
Faculty of Human Kinetics

Dr. Lisa Porter
Vice-Chair (Radiation), Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science

Dr. John Hudson 
Vice-Chair (Biosafety), Chair of Animal Care Committee 
Faculty of Science 

Dr. Steven Rehse
Vice-Chair (Laser Safety), Physics 
Faculty of Science 

Ex-officio Members

Heather Pratt
Director of Research Services
Office of Research and Innovation Services

Sherri Menard
Environmental Health and Safety Manager (Senior Biosafety/Radiation/Laser/X-Ray Safety Officer)
Health and Safety

Sharon Lavigne
Biosafety/Radiation/Laser/X-Ray Safety Officer
Chemical Control Centre 

Dr. Suzanne Murphy
Chair of the Research Ethics Board
Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Minutes Taker / Research Safety Coordinator (Non-Voting)
Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation


Dr. Anthony Bain
Professor, Kinesiology 
Faculty of Human Kinetics

Dr. Vesselina Roussinova
Professor, Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Ken Drouillard
Professor, GLIER
Faculty of Science

Cayla Wood
Student Representative
Graduate Student of Human Kinetics

Michelle Dao
Student Representative
Graduate Student of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Dr. Dorota Lubanska (Vice-Chair, Radiation Safety Designate)
Adjunct Professor, Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science 

Dr. Michelle Nevett (ORIS Executive Director Designate)
Research Coordinator, Science
Office of Research and Innovation Services 

Harmony Peach (REB Chair Designate) 
Office of Research Ethics

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