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WURA Executive & Committees

At the January 27th WURA Executive Meeting, the executive and committee members were approved after verification and acceptance of the WURA membership votes.

President:  Mr. Roger Lauzon

Vice-President:  Dr. Walter (Jake) Soderlund (Interim)

Secretary:  Dr. Richard Lewis

Treasurer: Dr. Norman King

Past President: Professor David Palmer

Directors-at-Large:  Dr. Anthony Blair, Dr. Bruce Elman, Dr. Veronika Mogyorody, Ms. Gwendolyn Ebbett 

Webmaster:Mr. Steve Karamatos (Acting)

Editor, Newsletter:  Dr. Datta Pillay 

WUFA Representative:    


Bursary Committee:

Dr. Barbara Thomas (Chair); Dr. Dale Rajacich; Dr. Ron Barron

Nominating Committee:

Professor David Palmer, Past-President (Chair); Dr. Norm King; Dr. Barbara Thomas

Pension and Benefits Committee:

Ms. Johanna Foster (Chair); Dr. Ihor Stebelsky; Prof. Lucia Yiu

Social Committee:

Dr. Jonathan Bayley (Co-Chair); Dr. Richard Lewis (Co-Chair); Dr. Mary Lou Drake; Dr. Jake Soderlund

Membership Committee: 

Mr. Roger Lauzon; Dr. Norm King; Webmaster

Research Support Group:

Dr. Jake Soderlund (Chair); Open Positions Committee to be Formed in 2021

Travel Grant Review Committee:

Dr. Norm King (Chair); Dr. Janice Drakich; Dr. Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale; Dr. Datta Pillay

Communication to Members Committee:

Ms. Gwendolyn Ebbett (Chair),  Dr. Jonathan Bayley, Mr. Richard Dumala, Dr. Bruce Elman, Dr. Richard Lewis, Dr. Karen Roland.  

Bylaw and Constitution Review Committee:

Dr. Janice Drakich (Co-Chair); Dr. Veronika Mogyorody (Co-Chair); Dr. Brian Mazer; Dr. Kathleen McCrone

WUFA Contract Committee: Dr. Larry Glassford

WUFA Executive Committee: Dr. Veronika Mogyorody

WUFA Faculty Council: Dr. Larry Glassford, Dr. Walter (Jake) Soderlund (alternate).

WUFA Retirement & Benefits Committee: Ms. Johanna Foster; Dr. Ihor Stebelsky; Prof. Lucia Yiu

Joint Consultative Committee (J.C.C.):

Mr. Roger Lauzon; Dr. Veronika Mogyorody; Dr. Jake Soderlund; (Dr. Bruce Elman, alternate)

Retiree Healthcare Subsidy Committee: Dr. Ihor Stebelsky

Retired Members Pension Committee (D.7): Dr. Anthony Blair; Dr. Ihor Stebelsky

Board of Governors Pension Committee: Dr. Ihor Stebelsky

College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC):

Mr. Roger Lauzon or delegate