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Dr. Bulent Mutus - Biochemistry

Dr. Bulent Mutus

Ph.D. (Manitoba)
Professor Emeritus
253-3000 Ext. 3533
278 Essex Hall
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Nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are important signaling molecules produced in the body. They play major roles in the function as well as dysfunction of the nervous system, immune system and the circulatory system. NO and H2S are very reactive compounds that react with each other as well as with oxygen and biomolecules to form both stable and unstable derivatives that help mediate their physiological and pathological effects. However, whether the cellular processes initiated by NO and H2S are independent or augmented or counteracted by each other, is poorly understood.

Dr. Mutus' research investigates the interplay of NO and H2S signaling in animal, yeast and plant cells. The research group develops new fluorescent probes to monitor the levels of thiols, S-nitrosothiols, NO and H2S to identify their protein adducts. The probes are used in live cells to study the activity and function of target enzymes as well as determining whether either molecule affects the storage or release of the other.

Research Interest/Expertise Keywords: enzymology, protein structure-function, redox signaling, dynamic microscopy, cell biology, intravital fluorescent probes, nano sensors for thiols, nitric oxide, S-nitrosothiols and NOx, platelet biochemistry, flow devices, environmental sensor development, mitigation of environmental phosphate.


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