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Dr. Siyaram Pandey -  Biochemistry

Dr. Siyaram Pandey

Biochemistry Ph.D. (J.N.U., New Delhi)
253-3000 Ext. 3701
277-1 Essex Hall
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In the Pandey Lab, we have four major research areas of interest.

  • Oxidative Stress in Aging and Neurodegeneration.
  • Oxidative Stress in the Fibroblasts from Alzheimer’s Disease Patients.
  • Development of Single Domain Antibodies Against Pro-Apoptotic Proteins (Caspase-3 and Bax) to Block Cell Death Following Stroke.
  • Using Apoptosis Inducers as a Weapon Against Cancer.

For details please visit us at: http://uwindsor.ca/pandey


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