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Dr. Jeremy Rawson - Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Jeremy Rawson

Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry (Durham University, UK)
Professor of Chemistry
Canada Research Chair
253-3000 Ext: 3700
387=A Essex Hall
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The unpaired electrons associated with transition metal ions are central to the physical properties (e.g. magnetism and conductivity) associated with many materials utilized in current and future technologies. Our research exploits the potential of organic free radicals as alternative spin carriers in the design of new molecule-based materials. Our studies examine fundamental science associated with electron-electron interactions between radicals in solution and the solid state as well as between radicals and transition metals. We are also examining the interaction between radicals at interfaces (surfaces, thin films and nano-articles) as well as in composites in which the radical is incorporated in organic, inorganic or metallo-organic frameworks. Such information is helping us develop prototype devices for development in molecular electronics such as organic field effect transistors, photoconductors and conducting polymers.

More details are available at our group website.

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