Mass Spectrometry Lab

The University of Windsor has two contemporary mass spectrometers available in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Mass Spectrometry lab, a Waters SYNAPT G2-Si (installed February 2014) and a Waters XEVO G2-XS Tof (installed March 2016).

The SYNAPT is dedicated for measurements of protein and peptide samples and the XEVO for accurate mass measurements of synthetic molecules and systems developed within the department's Chemistry Research labs. 

For further information please visit the individual instrument pages as well as the pages outlining fees and submissions.

Additional instrumentation within the department includes 2 Saturn 2000 GC-MS systems (iontrap MS, Varian 3800 GC) and a Varian 1200L single quadrupole MS coupled either to a Varian 3800 GC or a Direct Insertion Probe.