TOPSPIN- Academic Version download instructions

Here are the instructions for the download:

You will find that there are several versions  of TOPSPIN available ,including  TOPSPIN 3.6 ( which is the version on the 500) and TOPSPIN 4.  I suggest TOPSIN 3.6  ( which is the same version as the 500) rather than TOPSPIN 4


The instructions are below:


There are free versions available for Windows (7 or newer) , Mac OS X and Linux.

To get a personal copy of you first have to sign up at the bruker store at

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and then go to

Access to Academia licenses is restricted to academic customers. By using this web page for license requests you confirm that you are employed by or studying at an academic- or governmental institution and that you use the software exclusively in this context.

Bruker occasionally modifies these links, if there is problem please tell me.