SoCA 'Shops

Workshop text with nuts and bolts

SoCA ‘Shops is a new initiative designed to provide workshops that focus on new skills, knowledge, career training, or artist talks.

All workshops are open to all students across SoCA.


Undergraduate students in SoCA programs who attend at least 4 SoCA ‘Shops are eligible to get a 3% bonus credit for their final grade in their choice of one qualifying course.


Winter 2024 SoCA 'Shops Schedule

January 16 - Wen Teoh - The Basics of Business Finance - COMPLETED

January 23 - Jamie Angell - Navigating the Art World - COMPLETED

January 26 - Amy Rivard - Voice masterclass - CANCELLED

January 30 - Anneke Smit and Rino Bortolin - The ABCs of City government and having your voice heard - COMPLETED

February 2 - Marco Cian - Music Production 101 - COMPLETED

February 5 - CMY Trace Monoprints - COMPLETED

February 9 - Kaitlyn Karns - Preparing for the Stage: Working with the Text - COMPLETED

February 12 - Critical Fabulation as Methodology - Working With Archives in the Arts - COMPLETED

February 13 - Microscopy in the Creative Arts - COMPLETED

February 16 - George Shirley, Voice masterclass - COMPLETED

March 4 - Francisco Bolanos piano masterclass - COMPLETED

March 8 - Amelia Daigle and Micah Schroeder voice masterclass - COMPLETED

March 15 - Thomas Green - What to listen for - and enjoy! - in music - COMPLETED

Catherine Heard - Embroidery workshops March 16 and 23 - March 16 COMPLETED, next date is March 23

March 20 - Robert Franz masterclass - COMPLETED

Alejandro Tamayo Artist Talk - COMPLETED

March 22 - Sasha Opeiko - Microcinemas: Workshop and Artist Talk - COMPLETED
Catherine Heard - Embroidery workshops March 16 and 23 - COMPLETED

March 23 - Jason Grossi - Making new wine in old wineskins? - COMPLETED

March 23 - Ben Davis voice masterclass - COMPLETED

March 28 - Catherine Heard, HRG Event - The Angel of History Sews with Red Thread - COMPLETED


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Extra Credit

If a SoCA student attends four or more SoCA 'Shops, they qualify for receiving 3% extra credit added to their final grade in any single course taught by one of the following instructors:

Any music private lessons course

Sally Bick

Nick Hector

Robert Fazecash

Bruce Kotowich

Catherine Heard

Jennifer Willet

Karen Engle

Bernadette Berthelotte

Lisa Baggio

Kim Nelson

Lee Rodney

Mike Seguin

Jason Grossi

Mike Stasko

Alejandro Tamayo

Thomas Green

Steve Wood

Stephen Mueller


If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a workshop, that workshop will not count towards your total number attended for extra credit.