SoCA 'Shops

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SoCA ‘Shops is a new initiative designed to provide workshops that focus on new skills, knowledge, career training, or artist talks.

All workshops are open to all students across SoCA.


Undergraduate students in SoCA programs who attend at least 4 SoCA ‘Shops are eligible to get a 3% bonus credit for their final grade in their choice of one qualifying course.


SoCA 'Shops Schedule

Alain Lefevre – Piano performance masterclass - COMPLETED


What Works? - What is an Executive Director (with Stephanie Barnhard and Teajai Travis) - COMPLETED


Tina Rouhandeh – Artist Talk - CANCELLED


Dr. Nicholas Papador – Vessels of Song: a Klezmer Workshop  

Join Dr. Nicholas Papador in a workshop to learn the basic materials of klezmer music, a wonderful variant of eastern European folk music that underwent a diasporic evolution in early twentieth-century North America when emigrating musicians began to fuse their repertoire with early jazz, theatre, and popular music.  In this hands-on session, attendees will learn about the scales, rhythms and song forms commonly used in the genre and will learn a classic klezmer tune by the end of the hour.  Bring your instrument, voice, or drum.  Beginners or experts, all SoCA students are invited! 

Prior to the workshop at noon, Dr. Papador will play two klezmer medleys with SoCA students and alumni and talking about his forthcoming book, Vessels of Song: A Collection of Klezmer Suites for Mallet Ensemble. 

Friday, September 29th, 2023, 1:00pm

Ensemble Room, B22 Armouries


Artist Talk - Channel Surfing: Melanie Janisse and Richard Storms

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 10:30am to 11:15am

Gallery, Room 101, Armouries


Trevor Pittman – An introduction to microphones, speakers and analog sound boards

Wednesday, Oct. 4, 11:30am to 1:00pm

AW 107, Multimedia Studio


The Art of Selling: Setting yourself up as an entrepreneur

Presenters: Paul Brereton, Layan Barakat, EPICentre

This workshop will be presented in a quiz-style format, allowing students to see that being a freelancer or selling their art online are all forms of entrepreneurship. Paul will dive into the preliminary stages of starting and positioning yourself as a business owner. Layan will talk about turning your social media presence into a recognizable brand, using examples of artists that have come through EPICentre.

Paul Brereton, Automobility and IP Program Coordinator, EPICentre, holds an MBA from The University of Windsor and works with entrepreneurs to promote growth and inclusivity in emerging technologies. Paul believes that putting resources and know-how into the hands of entrepreneurs is the key to innovation; with far reaching advantages. As a founder/CEO of a Windsor-based data analytics firm, Paul has first-hand experience using entrepreneurship principals to build a stronger, more innovative community. He is excited to share his skills and experience with future generations of entrepreneurs.

Layan Barakat, Marketing Administrative Coordinator, EPICentre, is a proud University of Windsor graduate with a B.A in Communication, Media, and Film Studies and a St.Clair College Converged Journalism graduate. Throughout her academic and professional career, Layan has gained experience in various fields, including marketing advertising, print journalism, broadcast journalism, event planning, and public relations. Her work has been featured in local and national publications, including The DRIVE magazine, Women of Windsor magazine, and various online magazines as a correspondent for Toronto Fashion Week. Notably, her marketing strategies have reached an impressive global audience of approximately 1.5 million viewers with her online presence. 

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 12:00pm

Classroom 2, Room B31 Armouries


The Basics of Business Finance

Presenter: Wen Teoh, EPICentre

This workshop will cover the financial basics of operating a small business – What are revenues? What are expenses? How do I know if my business makes a profit or not? Students will be able to learn the basics of business finance through this workshop.

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 12:00pm

Classroom 2, Room B31 Armouries


Jeanne Moore – Exhibition planning and curating

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023, 12pm to 1pm.

Classroom 2, Room B31 Armouries


Brent Lee – Writing an Effective Arts Council Application

This workshop will address the central aspects of writing an effective arts council application, from strategies for understanding arts funding initiatives to putting together a compelling application. Participants will design an art project in their own discipline and receive feedback on their ideas.

Brent Lee is the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and a faculty member in the School of Creative Arts. He has submitted more than two dozen successful applications to various funding agencies and has served as an adjudicator for the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Manitoba Arts Council.

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023, 11:30am

Classroom 2, Armouries Room B31


Maestro Robert Franz Masterclass

Wednesday, Nov. 15th, 7:00pm

Performance Hall, Room 132 Armouries


Michelle Macarthur - Arts Criticism

As fine arts students, learning to speak and write critically about art benefits our academic work, enhances our creative practice, and enriches our engagement as audience members. This hands-on workshop will provide participants across creative disciplines with the tools to produce criticism for a variety of platforms–from newspapers to TikTok. Together, we will explore a wide range of reviews and try our hand at producing short examples of our own original criticism. 


Dr. Michelle MacArthur is Associate Professor in the School of Dramatic Art. Her research focuses on the changing state of theatre criticism in Canada in light of the ubiquity of digital and social media and activism surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the arts. This scholarly work informs her pedagogy as an instructor of theatre criticism and her creative practice as an editor and occasional theatre reviewer. 

Thursday, Nov. 16, 2:30pm

Performance Hall, Room 132, Armouries


Nick Hector - Fundamentals of Video Editing

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 11:30am

Classroom 2, Armouries Room B31


Sigi Torinus - AI for Creatives

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 12:00pm

Classroom 2, Armouries Room B31


More 'Shops coming soon!

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Extra Credit

If a SoCA student attends four or more SoCA 'Shops, they qualify for receiving 3% extra credit added to their final grade in any single course taught by one of the following instructors:

Any music private lessons course

Sally Bick

Nick Hector

Robert Fazecash

Bruce Kotowich

Catherine Heard

Jennifer Willet

Karen Engle

Bernadette Berthelotte

Lisa Baggio

Kim Nelson

Lee Rodney

Mike Seguin

Jason Grossi

Mike Stasko

Alejandro Tamayo