FAQ re SoCA's new campus

Architects rendering of new SoCA buildings opening this FallArchitects rendering of new SoCA buildings -- Armouries (left), SoCA building (right) opening this Fall!

The School of Creative Arts (SoCA) commenced operating in brand new facilities in December 2017. Here are the answers to many of your frequently asked questions about SoCA's new downtown campus and its effect on student life.

1.  Is there parking downtown?
Parking permits for downtown are available for student purchase. They must be purchased from the Campus Parking Office, just like all other university parking passes. All students requesting a permit for downtown are sold a permit based on their request.

There are four options, which are listed below and on the Parking Services website in more detail at www.uwindsor.ca/parking-services/297/student-parking-permits

  1. – 8 month permit (surface)
  2. – 8 month garage permit (Pitt and Ferry location only)
  3. – 12 month permit (surface)
  4. – 12 month garage permit (Pitt and Ferry location only)

You must be either a SoCA student or Social Work Student to purchase the pass. When you buy a permit, you are given a map with the location to park along with an explanation of exactly where to go.

A map is also available on the website at ​www.uwindsor.ca/parking-services/301/parking-downtown-campus​

2.  Is transportation available to/from downtown?

All students have a bus pass as part of their student fees. The bus runs from the corner of Ouellette and University to the main campus down University Avenue, approx. every 10-15 minutes. You will need to pick up your bus pass from the UWSA office.

More information can be found here: www.uwsa.ca/uwsa-services/bus-pass/

3.  What kind of access will students have to the new building?
Students will have the same access to the buildings downtown that they had at the former Visual Arts / Music Building.

4.  What will security arrangements be for students, faculty and staff downtown?
The buildings downtown are outfitted with plenty of lighting, cameras inside and outside the building and proximity card readers and door alarms. The department continues to operate a building monitor system through the Work Study program, allowing greater supervision of the building in the evenings and weekends. Campus Police will patrol the building and area throughout the day and night. Arrangements are made with Windsor Police to report to our buildings in the event of emergencies and 911 calls.
5.  Do students have lockers downtown?
All SoCA students are eligible for lockers. The lockers are administered by the Creative Arts Student Society (CASS). Lockers are available in various sizes according to instruments/equipment used by the student that semester.
6.  Are there student lounges?
There are lounge and common areas throughout both buildings. There is a dedicated grad lounge as well.
7.  Are there windows in the spaces?
The architects have worked very hard to bring natural light into many of the teaching and learning spaces. Most of the rooms have windows and there will be abundant natural light in the hallways and common spaces.
8.  Did all of the equipment move downtown?
We have all the same functionality downtown as we did on the main campus. Much of the equipment is new, but otherwise, all of the equipment (tools and instruments) moved downtown.
Updated: February 02, 2018