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Student Care and Support

We (faculty, staff, students and parents) are often in a direct position to observe students and be aware of their behaviour.

Students frequently turn to friends or faculty and staff to obtain advice and support.

Although you are not expected to provide counselling, it is helpful for you to understand the critical role you play in supporting students in need of help.

At different times you may find yourself having to advise a student on issues other than purely academic matters and if such matters are of concern to you and you feel that the student you are helping could benefit from other types of support, we encourage you to reach out by completing a Care Alert form.   

Every Care Alert form is promptly reviewed by members of the University Assessment and Care Team, one of whom will reach out to you to discuss how best to support your student.

The University’s Behavioural Intervention Plan and the Assessment and Care Team who administer it can help with this.

What is the Behavioural Intervention Plan?

What is the Assessment and Care Team?

What is a Care Alert?

Concerned about the behaviour of a student?

Follow this link to fill out the online Care Alert form.

If you believe that a student’s behaviour is an imminent threat to self or others or the campus premises, dial 911 or call Campus Police at ext. 4444 immediately.