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About Us


To provide the highest level of care and service to the students, staff, and faculty and to the many visitors to our campus. The Student Medical Response Service envisions providing this high level of care by extending our services not only to safe, effective, and efficient emergency operations but to providing the highest quality of apparatus and equipment, increased community involvement, and through innovative programs with certified, highly skilled, and trained personnel.

UWSMRS Mission

To proudly provide an organized method of response to the emergency health needs of the University of Windsor. To include, but not limited to, promote, access, health, education, rescue, and provision of basic life support, at the highest quality level possible. With service based on equal availability to all persons.

UWSMRS, a non-profit student volunteer service was organized in 1997 by a group of students concerned for the safety and well-being of their fellow students, staff, and co-workers. Ambulance response times decreased due to the closure of a local emergency room, which included an ambulance station of the hospital.

UWSMRS started providing medical coverage at special events, including the campus pub on Thursday nights. In 1999, UWSMRS started its first "on-call" shifts, operating from Monday-Friday 10am-4pm. UWSMRS now provides 24/7 on-call service throughout the school year and works at various special events including sports games, graduation, and many more.

Our operations include a 24/7 communications centre, operated by the Campus Community Police department, which is staffed by sworn Special Constables.

UWSMRS operations depend on student volunteers, who are trained to deal with a variety of on-campus emergencies. Our services run around the clock throughout the entire school year.

Customer centred, patient-focused - UWSMRS motto


Trust - Committed to serving our campus with integrity and trust.

Compassion - Treat each patient as we would treat our own family members.

Culture - Unequivocal pursuit of employee development and a healthy work environment.

Collaboration - Working together internally and externally to deliver on the promise.