Rights and Responsibilities

Instructors/Faculty have the right to:

  • Determine course content and methods of instruction
  • Ensure that the academic integrity and standards of the course are not compromised
  • Fail any student who has not passed or mastered course content
  • Discuss any particular accommodations with SAS if you feel that the accommodations compromise the integrity of the course
  • Determine the appropriate method of adapting your teaching style to meet accommodation requests
  • Consult with SAS staff and other professionals, on or off campus, to determine how best to accommodate students with disabilities in your course
  • Ensure that any audio-taping of lectures done by students is in accordance with the University's Policy on Audio Recording

Instructors/Faculty have a responsibility to:

  • Enlist the help of SAS to gain knowledge of specific disabilities and appropriate accommodations for the disability
  • Ensure that the student's rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code are upheld
  • Provide accommodations recommended by SAS without compromising the academic integrity of your course
  • Grade the work of a student receiving accommodations fairly and accurately, neither too leniently nor too harshly
  • Maintain the student's dignity and privacy in relation to the disability
  • Announce in class your willingness to meet with students with disabilities
  • Accept and acknowledge that accommodations are based on appropriate documentation from a certified and qualified professional, which the student has supplied to SAS
  • Work with students and SAS to resolve disagreements regarding accommodations
  • Encourage students to pursue their chosen field of study if they meet admission requirements, maintain the appropriate grades and are otherwise qualified