Exam Information for Instructors

Exam Information for Instructors

If a student has scheduled to write an exam in the SAS office, you will receive an email with instructions regarding submitting the exam. SAS Advisors listed on the accommodation letters should be contacted to walk through questions about any accommodations needed.

If you are not sure how to put in your Alternative Testing Information you can follow these instructions: What to do When You Receive the Testing Agreement

You may want to see all your students with accommodations in your class.  You can do this through the AIM system.  Here are some instructions to help you: How to View All Student Accommodations for the Semester

As always if you are needing more support when it comes to our AIM system or exam information, you can email exam@uwindsor.ca

If you are confused about an accommodation or something in the Accommodation Letter please reach out to the advisor whose name is on the letter for clarification.

Contact information:

General:  sas@uwindsor.ca

Exam: exam@uwindsor.ca