COVID-19 UPDATE: New Exam Information for Instructors

Student Accessibility Services will not be invigilating in-person exams.

Students have been advised to evaluate their accommodation needs for tests, exams, etc. listed on revised syllabi they receive from you.

Student Accessibility Advisors are available through e-mail to assist you and your students as to how best to accommodate. We also have this online video advising instructors on when they may wish to consult with our office generally but also of course throughout the pandemic.

Assessments that are not timed will eliminate the extended time accommodation that students have administered through our office in a regular exam setting.

If you will be scheduling online timed exams, individual settings will have to be set up based on the length of time listed in the accommodation letters students provided you.

In most cases, students requiring the use of access software will have these on their home computers. (Note: they may not have used this software in the online environments for exams.)

Students with condition flare-ups may require extensions.

Some students have restrictions of one exam per day.

SAS Advisors listed on the accommodation letters should be contacted to walk through questions about any accommodations needed.

Contact information: