Group of students sitting in front of the UWindsor sign

Application Information

To be accepted as an Exchange Student at the University of Windsor your application must first be approved by an official in the International Office at your home institution.

Applications for exchange are only accepted from institutions with which there is a signed exchange agreement. Open a page listing our partner schools.

How to Apply

  1. Your school must email the Exchange Office at UWindsor nominating you as an exchange student to attend the University of Windsor.
  2. Complete the Online Application Form

    The password to access the form will be provided to the Exchange Office at your institution. Note that only online applications will be accepted, please do not send a paper copy.
  3. The following supporting documents are required to be sent by you or your school:
  • Photocopy of the information page of the student's passport.
  • Recent academic transcript (translated into English)
    • Include a separate list of classes that are currently being taken if not listed in the transcript (even if grades are not yet available)
  • Language Assessment Form
    • Required for students from schools where English is not the primary language of instruction.
    • The forms will be sent to the Exchange Office of our partner schools
    • You must submit proof of your language abilities (a recent TOLEFL or IELTS test)

Application Deadlines

  • April 15- Students beginning exchange in September for one or more semesters
  • October 15- Students beginning exchange in January for one semester