Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option)

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Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option)

Program Overview

The course based Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option) will prepare graduates for leadership positions within the automotive and manufacturing industries. You will study and live in Canada for approximately 16 consecutive months and take a variety of topics through eight prescribed courses. These courses are selected by academic administration and will vary from year to year.

The goal of the program is to provide you with the opportunity to extend your understanding of automotive engineering principles, with an emphasis on operation, design, materials and manufacturing along with some aspects of business and management. 

At the University of Windsor, you will be interacting with world-class faculty conducting cutting-edge research in the automotive area. They will be your mentors as you prepare yourself for the careers of the future. You will combine what you learn in the classroom with practical application so that you are ready for the world of opportunities that will follow your university studies.


The MEng-Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option) has an optional co-op portion. Co-op is an opportunity for students to work in an automotive related company during one semester of school.
All students will apply for co-op, however it is a competitive program and we may not have a placement opportunity for all students. 

Course Offerings:

The MEng-Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option) consists of eight courses taught over four academic terms starting in September and January.

Courses May Include

  • Advanced Internal Combustion Engines
  • Hybrid Powertrains
  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods
  • Automotive Body Structures
  • Vehicle Thermal Management
  • Automotive Applications for Noise, Vibration & Harshness Evaluation
  • Bluff Body Aerodynamics
  • Controls for Electric Vehicles

The courses are selected by academic administration and will vary from year to year depending on current market trends in the automotive industry and availability. For a complete list of possible courses see the Graduate Calendar.

Prior to the start of the academic program, you may be required to attend six weeks of intensive English language training, (EAPP or ELIP). This program is designed to develop your English language skills in an academic environment and learn more about Canadian culture. Some students may be exempt from the English language course if they demonstrate exceptional English language skills and have exceeded the admission requirements.

You may also be required to complete the Automotive Engineering Pre-graduate Preparation Program (PPP) prior to the start of your academic studies. Generally, this five-week workshop begins in mid-July, with daily seminars to enhance your understanding of automotive related topics and to better prepare you for your academic workload ahead. (Additional fees for this program may apply.)

Please ensure that you read your letter of acceptance carefully as you may be required to be in Canada weeks before your program start day if you are required to attend ELIP or PPP.