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About United Way

United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County ignites the desire in everyone to improve lives and build strong communities. Together, our vision is to ensure that Windsor-Essex County is a prosperous community where all children have the ability to achieve their dreams and reach their potential.

We love where we live. But local issues like poverty, mental illness and social isolation are hurting our community. In our busy lives, these local issues can be easy to ignore or go unnoticed. And you can't solve a problem if you don't know it exists. Together, with our donors, we're working to make childhood poverty #UN IGNORABLE.

United Way is embarking on a new strategy to support children and families who are experiencing poverty from ‘Cradle to Career’. Our strategy will focus on children and youth from the time they’re born until they find a career. What we know is that children in our community are falling behind. Despite an improving economy, childhood poverty continues to grow. We need to change the trajectory for youth — and education is the clearest pathway to success.

The University of Windsor makes giving to your community easy through payroll deduction and its online e-Pledge system gives each individual access to their donor records.

Learn more about what we do at www.weareunited.com and watch our 2019 campaign video below: