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UWindsor Donor Testimonials

The United Way of Windsor-Essex County is committed to implementing strategies and initiatives that meaningfully address the local challenges of poverty and related concerns of mental, physical, social, economic well-being.  The United Way does this through the provision of support from a very young age through to adulthood.  Education is a key dimension of these strategies and initiatives (e.g., On Track to Success) that the Faculty of Education is only too pleased to support. 

- Ken Montgomery, Dean, Faculty of Education


The mission of the United Way is to improve the lives of individuals and the health of the community. It addresses the most pressing needs of our local community: education, health care, poverty, and homelessness. It is transparent and continually working with our community to make positive change.  I am a proud volunteer, donor, and member of Opportunities United. It begins with our collaboration in giving back to build a stronger, healthier community.

- Geri Salinitri, Professor Emeritus


In some neighbourhoods in Windsor-Essex, one in three children are living in poverty, and the rising cost of living is putting necessities like food out of reach. The United Way is providing immediate relief to those most in need and making it possible for children to access food and education – even while the greater work to have real equality and end poverty-creating practices must urgently continue.

- Sukanya Pillay, Executive Director, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities