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Wildeman highlights ERP

University of Windsor President Alan Wildeman presented his annual campus address on Friday, January 29, 2016. In it he highlighted the ERP project and noted its importance to the University community: 

How we interact with each other and how well we serve our students affects everything.

We will continue to put resources into re-thinking how we provide all of the services students need. We have begun a process referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP.

It will be a multi-year project to re-do the major information systems that the university needs, including our student information systems and financial systems.

This coming year we will be engaging staff in offices across the university in conversations about how we can help them incorporate technology and new ways of doing things into their work space. These will be important conversations.

We have exceptional staff right across the institution. Collectively you bring compassion, creativity, grit, humor and kind hearts.

Individually and collectively, you will make a vitally important contribution to the transformation of the University of Windsor. All of these activities are ultimately about students . . . they are about our university being a place that has what they want, and where they feel that we are doing the best we can to support them."

The full transcript of Dr. Wildman's address is available on the President's web site.