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Why UWinsite?

The University strives to ensure that its software infrastructure is sustainable and provides the right functionality to support both the day-to-day functioning of the University. 

The UWinsite platform ensures the information and service delivery requirements of faculty and staff are met as they provide a purposeful and enriching experience to students and all key campus communities, from their first interaction with UWindsor through their ongoing relationship after graduation or retirement.

More specifically, the UWinsite platform helps the University to achieve its priorities:

Strategic Priority: Provide an exceptional undergraduate experience Providing an exceptional undergraduate experience with:

> Integrated student success measures
> Better tracking of student engagement and learning
> A student support network through a unified portal
> A centralized source of student lifecycle data to support academic advising
> Support for more flexible learning and degree options
Strategic Priority: Strengthen research and graduate education Strengthening research and graduate education with:

> Infrastructure to track graduate student metrics
> Configured milestones to accommodate decentralized divisional degree requirements
> The development of metrics that track the graduate student economy
> Support for students to enrol in flexible, interdisciplinary programs
> The tracking of potential burdens to graduate student successes
Strategic Priority: Recruit and retain the best faculty and staff Recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff with:

> A comprehensive faculty view of student information in one system
> A more open data environment for internal functions founded on industry best practices
> A one-stop, self-service shop for faculty, staff and administrators to access data, simplifying workflow and data retrieval
Strategic Priority: Engage in community partnerships Engaging in community partnerships with:

> The automation of credit assessment to improve student transfers to UWindsor
> The collection of data related to collaborations with community and industry partners
> The enhanced ability to offer blended or community-based programs
> The tracking of blended or community-based program data to gauge performance and make improvements
Strategic Priority: promote international engagement Promoting international engagement with:

> The accessibility of administrative data anywhere, anytime, and in any language
> Reduced international student application processing times
> The tracking of international students post-graduation to continue relationship building
> The structured processing of transfer requests from international students with non-traditional credit/non-credit course mixes