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The University of Windsor launching new Student Engagement System

This week, the UWinsite Project will launch the University of Windsor’s new Student Engagement System.

This launch “represents a critical first milestone in our endeavour to re-vision our engagement efforts in the digital era,” says Chris Busch, acting executive director of Co-op, Career and Employment Services, and co-lead of the UWinsite Student Engagement Stream.

The Student Engagement System will enable the University to generate and qualify contact from potential students, nurture them from inquiry to student, and manage and report on customized email marketing campaigns. In addition, the system will provide a platform to continue with personalized engagement throughout the student life-cycle, including post-graduation.

“To be ahead of the curve, the University needs powerful tools to facilitate high-impact enrolment management strategies,” says Busch. “Now, more than ever, we need to collect, analyze, and use data to gain a better understanding and stronger engagement with our prospective students.”

The launch will begin in Student Recruitment as a Prospective Student Engagement Campaign. The campaign focuses on the system’s ability to segment prospective student populations by area of interest and geographical region and provide targeted messaging campaigns that address these specific interests. The lessons learned will be applied as the system is implemented in departments across campus.

Additionally, the Request for Information form used by prospective students and others to request academic program information has been “completely re-imagined and updated,” says Busch. The new form improves the user experience by streamlining the amount of information requested as well as ensuring the form is seamlessly accessible on all devices.

For further information on this exciting new system, contact Busch, Chris Lanoue, or any member of the UWinsite team.

Chris Busch