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Frequently Asked Questions - eGAS to UWinsite Student Migration


What is happening? 

Electronic Graduate Application System (eGAS) is migrating to UWinsite Student. This project helps ensure service continuity for our students, faculty, and staff, streamline our processes, improve efficiency, and upgrade our technology. 

When is the eGAS migration to UWinsite Student taking place? 

The migration is scheduled for early May 2024 and may require some downtime. By then, access to the graduate applicant data within UWinsite Student will be available.  

Please note that this migration is the first step in a series of enhancements planned to UWinsite Student for graduate application processing. Additional refinements will be made for the system to better align with the application process.  

Why is eGAS moving to UWinsite Student?  

The reason for this migration is critical, the current eGAS system is running on outdated and unstable infrastructure. A move is necessary to reduce the risk of losing essential services for applicants, faculty, and staff. 

Ahead of the eGAS transition to UWinsite Student, Peoplesoft/Campus Solutions, which we rebranded as UWinsite Student, will move to new server infrastructure that will stabilize and improve its performance.  

What are the benefits of the eGAS migration to UWinsite Student? 

UWinsite Student has been a consistent tool, and familiarity helps current students applying to graduate studies. We also expect to speed up the application process by cutting data delays and improving productivity. In addition, UWinsite Student is a familiar tool for most of us, so the transition will be smoother than implementing and learning a new system. Finally, it will allow for better reporting and analysis.  

What is being done to help with the transition? 

While we understand that any change is disruptive, part of the project focuses on communicating with campus stakeholders, and our recruitment partners. We will be offering training and producing documentation to aid with the transition.