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UWinsite Student Email Content - For Faculty & Staff

Find updated information shared with UWindsor Faculty and Staff by email about the UWinsite Student update and maintenance.

UWinsite Student update taking place from Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 5 p.m. to Monday, July 24. 

What is happening? UWinsite Student will be undergoing a scheduled update and will be unavailable. The update addresses behind-the-scenes functionality and the look of the platform has been refreshed. Documentation about the changes will be available.

When is this happening? UWinsite Student will be unavailable from Thursday, July 20, 2023, at 5 p.m. to Monday, July 24, 2023.   

When will UWinsite Student be back online? It will be online by July 25. 

What is the impact? UWinsite Student will be offline.  

What do faculty and staff users need to do in preparation for the shutdown?   

  • Request reports and information before the closure allowing enough time to create the reports.   

  • Be aware that daily reports from UWinsite Student will not be supplied from July 19 through to July 24.   

  • For users whose work relies on UWinsite Student, please adjust your tasks accordingly.   

  • Students cannot register for classes or access their shopping carts during maintenance time. Anything added to the shopping cart before maintenance will still be there when UWinsite Student reopens.  

Will other systems be impacted by the update? Any downstream systems that integrate with UWinsite Student will not receive updates while the system is offline. Examples include eGAS, or the grade transmission between Brightspace and UWinsite Student.  

Please note, Brightspace will be online and accessible to faculty, staff and students.  

Will some campus offices be closed? The following offices will be closed during this period:  

  • The Office of the Registrar  

  • The Student Accounts Office   

Update - the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office will be open, and some services may be limited due to UWinsite Student being unavailable.

Can prospective students still apply during maintenance?   

  • Yes, Undergraduate applicants can still apply through OUAC, although they will not receive an application confirmation until the system becomes available.   

  • No, Graduate applicants will not be able to apply through iApply until the system becomes available. Those who have submitted their graduate program applications and have an active UWin ID before noon on July 20 will be able to update their application.   

What about other program application processes? Can current students apply to change programs? Or will the returning student application be available during maintenance time? 

  • Students cannot access the Change of Program or Returning Student applications during maintenance time. The applications can be accessed before noon on July 20 and will resume service on July 25.  

Will eGAS continue to work? Staff can continue to work as normal in the eGAS system to process admission decisions.    

Questions or Concerns? If anyone is experiencing an issue with UWinsite Student, please open a ticket and it will be routed to the correct area for help.