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Digital Print Lab - File Preparation


Make sure your images are sized to fit the paper size you intend to print on before you come to the Lab to print. Samples of the available paper sizes and paper types are posted by the clean table.

  • Suggested Minimum Resolution: 300dpi
  • Suggested Format: psd, tiff, or jpg; flatten layers
  • Suggested Colour Profile: sRGB or Adobe RGB

Additional information can be found below under: LARGE FORMAT FILE PREPARATION

Here are the maximum recommended image sizes for standard Epson sheets, if you want the image to be centered on the sheet:

Epson Sheets                    Maximum Image size (for Epson 9880)

17" x 22"                              16.5" x 20.25" (16 1/2" x  20 1/4")
13” X 19”                              12.5” X 17.25”  (12 1/2" X 17 1/4")
11.7” X 16.5”                        11.2” X 14.75”  (11 3/16" X 14 3/4")
8.5” X 11”                              8” X 9.75”  (8" X 9 3/4")

Epson Sheets                   Maximum Image size (for Epson 3880)

17” X 22”                            16.75” X 21.75”  (16 3/4” x 21 3/4”)
13” X 19”                            12.75” X 18.75”  (12 3/4” x 18 3/4”)
11.7” X 16.5”                       11.45” X 16.25”  (11 7/16” x 16 1/4”)
8.5” X 11”                            8.25” X 10.75”   (8 1/4” x 10 3/4”)   

The Epson 9880 printer provides inconsistent default margins ranging from 3/4" to 1" at top and bottom when printing from ROLLS.

  • Students must pay for an additional 1” (average total default margin) when printing from rolls.
  • It's recommended that students include the desired margins as part of their final image


  • If your image is 18” X 25”, it's recommended that a minimum 1” border should be added on all sides before printing, making the final image size 20” X 27”.
  • If printing on a 24” roll, for example, you will pay for 24” x 28” - ie the width of the roll x the length of the image and including the additional 1" default margin.
Step 1: Select appropriate paper stock for your printing needs.
There are two paper options:  24 inches and 44 inches wide
Step 2: Recommended printing resolution is 300 dpi.  Check the size of your image: 
ie. a 12" x 12” print should be 3600 x 3600 pixels
A.        Open image in Photoshop
B.        Select IMAGE – IMAGE SIZE from toolbar menu
C.        Deselect RESAMPLE IMAGE
D.        Change RESOLUTION to 300 (Pixels/inch)
E.        Take note of the width and height dimensions, and click OK
Step 3: Crop image to desired size
             A.      Select Crop Tool from side toolbar
             B.      Insert numerical dimensions in accordance with your desired print
                      size and set resolution to 300 dpi
             C.      Click and drag the crop tool across print.  When satisfied with crop,
                      click ENTER key.
Step 4: Print using print instructions
Step 4: Flatten and save your work
  1. Click LAYER – FLATTEN image from toolbar menu
  2. Click FILESAVE from the toolbar menu.  Recommend to save as PSD, TIFF OR JPEG file
Step 5:  Cutting, drying and storing your work
  1. The print lab has a 44” paper cutter to trim edges accordingly.  Make sure to leave enough space between images to create the desired borders
  2. Either hang work up to dry, or store it flat and covered to avoid dust


You can soft proof your image through Photoshop. This allows you to see a better representation of what your image will look like when printed on paper. You can choose the Rendering Intent that will provide the best results for approximating colours that are out of gamut. It is suggested that you toggle between Perceptual Rendering Intent and Relative Colorimetric Rendering Intent.

How to soft proof in Photoshop (Adobe CS4)

  • Go to Proof Setup & choose Custom
  • In Device to Simulate choose profile depending on paper type:

For SHEETS:           

 ·Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper: Epson7880/9880 PLPP

 ·Velvet Fine Art Paper: Epson7880/9880 VFAP

 ·Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte: Epson7880/9880 EMP_PK

For ROLLS:              

·44” Premium Luster Photo Paper 260: Epson 7880/9880 PLPP260

·24” Velvet Fine Art Paper: Epson 7880/9880 VFAP

  • Toggle between Perceptual & Relative Colorimetric

For free Webinars offered by X-Rite on soft proofing and colour calibration go to:
Webinar Archive: Beyond Monitor Calibration - Get Prints That Match Your Display


  • Sheets: Bring an acid free flat portfolio to carry away your prints in
  • Rolls: Large prints should be rolled with the image out.  After rolling, the print can be carried away in a large tube
If framing, the print should be laid flat for a few days to discourage curling.