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Communication Student Association

Communication Students Association (CSA) is the representative body of the students in the Department of Communication, Media and Film.

We are run by students for students!

Last year, our main initiatives included:

  • Planning the University of Windsor Film Festival and Gala
  • Creating networking opportunities for current students, alumni and industry professionals
  • Opening communication between students, professors and staff through events and meetings
  • Running town hall sessions so students can voice their concerns
  • Coordinating with other departments to offer resources to CMF students
  • Holding office hours to answer student questions
  • Informing students of events within the University and community.

2019-2020 CSA Executives

  • Rachel McEwen: President
  • Rachael Timmins: Vice-President and Treasurer
  • Grant Connolly: Events/Fundraising Coordinator
  • Dominique Nickels: Volunteer Coordinator

Please contact CSA to find out about how you can help volunteer at upcoming events.