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Welcome to the Graduate Program in Communication and Social Justice

The MA Program in Communication and Social Justice provides students a unique opportunity to pursue media studies in an environment conducive to critical analysis and research with a specific focus on social justice issues.  Courses cover diverse approaches with which to interrogate media technologies/platforms, regulatory frameworks, ownership structures, cultural production and consumption and the politics of media representation thereby providing students with a holistic and critical interpretation of the media landscape.  Through coursework and independent research, students examine the political, economic, cultural, social and historical dimensions of our media environment with an emphasis on democratic communication practices and the common good.

Our faculty offer research leadership in areas such as advertising and consumer culture; branding and promotional culture; the political economy of new/social media platforms, privacy and surveillance; cultural, gender, and postcolonial studies; contemporary politics and media; critical pedagogy and media literacy; diasporic cinema, film theory and history.

The MA program prepares students for careers in governmental and non-governmental organizations, private institutions, community-based public advocacy organizations, media research and policy analysis.  It also prepares students for entry into PhD programs in Communication/Media Studies and other cognate disciplines.

The M.A. in Communication & Social Justice in the Department of Communication, Media & Film is designed to be completed in one year (or 3 consecutive semesters) We admit students once per annum, only at the beginning of the Fall Semester (i.e. in September of each year), and only on a full-time basis. There is no part-time option. 

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