Degree & Course Planning

Fall 2023


Incoming (first-year, first-semester) students joining our programs for fall 2023 can begin course registration on Monday, May 29. Visit future.uwindsor.ca/plan-your-program  for course registration resources.

Fall 2023 course registration appointments for all returning students will be announced later. Please visit uwindsor.ca/registrar/515/registration-information for more information and take advantage of our degree planning resources posted below. 

You may not be able to register if you have an outstanding balance. E-mail cashiers@uwindsor.ca for assistance on these financial matters.


CMF Degree Requirements 

For current program requirements see Page 84 of the Academic Calendar.

CMF degree requirements and sample course sequencing (Fall 2021 or later requirement term*): 

CMF one-page degree requirement checklists (Fall 2021 or later requirement term*): 

*For students following older calendar requirement terms, please see Prior Undergraduate Calendars for degree requirements or contact CMF’s Academic Advisor.  

CMF Courses (CMAF- and FILM-) 

Both CMAF and FILM courses count as major courses for CMF students, including specific requirements such as 3000 level and 4000 level.

For current course descriptions, including prerequisite information, see Page 86 (for CMAF-) and Page 262 (for FILM-) of the Academic Calendar. A full list of CMF courses, organized by our “Fields of Study."

Elective Courses 

A list of areas that satisfy various elective requirements (e.g., “Arts,” “Languages,” “Sciences,” etc.) see Page 47 of the Academic Calendar.  

Course Registration Resources 

Register for courses in UWinsite Student.  

This help page provides further information on locating your registration date and time. 

Check out this video playlist, this document, and/or these help pages for assistance on how to register for courses in UWinsite Student.   

The Registrar’s Office also publishes a full timetable of all courses.

Convocation and Graduation 

A guide on how to apply to graduate in UWinsite Student 

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