Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs are designed to prepare students for successful and rewarding professional careers in civil or environmental engineering. Graduates will find themselves meeting the challenges of efficient building design, improving the design of water and wastewater treatment facilities, traffic congestion, energy needs and urban redevelopment. As a civil and environmental engineering graduate, you will be able to directly impact the health and wellbeing of the general public in many Canadian communities.

The University of Windsor offers two master-level engineering programs — the Master of Engineering (MEng) and the Master of Applied Science (MASc). The MEng is a course-based program designed for working professionals or recent graduates who want to increase their knowledge in multiple, advanced topics. The MASc program is a research-based program that allows students to progress to the PhD level upon successful completion.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department offers MEng, MASc and/or PhD degrees in the following areas:

Master of Engineering (MEng) - course-based program              

For more information about the MEng program, please contact mengprog@uwindsor.caFor MEng application information, please visit

Master of Applied Science (MASc) - research-based program 

MASc (Thesis Option) - four graduate courses are required to be taken and research is required to be conducted that results in a Thesis over approximately two years. 

MASc (Major Paper Option) - eight graduate courses are required to be taken and less advanced research is conducted that results in a Major Paper over approximately two years.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

MASc and PhD Application Information

For more information about the MASc and PhD programs, please contact or view the Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Brochure.