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Timetable information, including class times could change, so be sure to check back often. 


Winter 2024 classes will begin January 8th, 2024

Schedule (pdf format) Date Posted
Undergraduate Timetable 2023-12-11
Graduate Timetable 2023-12-11
Law Timetable 2023-12-11
Complete Timetable 2023-12-11
Online & Partially Online Timetable 2023-12-11
Exam Schedule Coming Soon!


Fall 2023 classes begin Thursday, September 7, 2023

Schedule (pdf format) Date Posted
Undergraduate Timetable 2023-09-18
Graduate Timetable 2023-09-18
Law Timetable 2023-09-18
Complete Timetable 2023-09-18
Online & Partially Online Timetable 2023-09-18
Exam Schedule





Classes begin Monday, May 8, 2023. 

NOTE:  Makeup Classes

  • Aug 8 - For June 30th  classes
  • Aug 9 - For May 22nd classes


Schedule (pdf format) Date Posted
Undergraduate Timetable 2023-05-15
Graduate Timetable 2023-05-15
Complete Timetable 2023-05-15
Exam Schedule 2023-08-21
SETs Schedule 2023-05-03



Final Exams

Log in to UWinsite Student to check your final exam schedule. It is located under Manage Classes > Exams > View My Exam Schedule.  For more assistance, please check this ask.uwindsor.ca article about viewing exam schedules.

SETs (Student Evaluation of Teaching)

For more information regarding SETs, please refer to ask.UWindsor article.