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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering offers multi-faceted programs that allow you to tackle real-world problems with local industry while gaining hands-on experience.

Mechanical engineers are responsible for the design, analysis, construction, maintenance and operation of machines and systems in a number of industry sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, power generation, manufacturing, steel and pulp and paper. Mechanical engineers commonly go beyond the limits of purely mechanical work and are found at all levels of management in private industry and the public sector. Our graduates acquire advanced knowledge and critical research skills and many are employed by industry, consultancies, governments and research institutions.

The University of Windsor is also one of only few institutions in Ontario to offer industrial engineering. As an industrial engineer, you may use intelligent processes to streamline production systems or design flexible manufacturing approaches using a wide range of knowledge, including operations research, manufacturing sciences and enterprise resources planning/integration. Our program will allow you to engineer how systems interact with one another.

The Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering offers the following undergraduate programs:

Industrial Engineering (with optional Co-op)Industrial Engineering with a Minor in Business Administration (with optional Co-op)Mechanical Engineering (with optional Co-op)Mechanical Engineering with a Materials Option (with optional Co-op)Mechanical Engineering with an Aerospace Option (with optional Co-op)Mechanical Engineering with an Automotive Option (with optional Co-op)Mechanical Engineering with an Environmental Option (with optional Co-op)Integrated BASc-MASc