Cartier Hall

Cartier Hall building

Building Style: Semi-Suite
Room Style: Double
Floors: 4 
Washrooms: Semi Private
Student Type: First Year
GPA Requirement: None
Gender: Coed Building / Single Gender Rooms
Living Learning Communities:  No


Cartier Hall room layout

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In your room:

  • technology package (wifi, telephone line with voicemail - bring your own phone)
  • single bed and mattress
  • desk, chair, wastebasket, desk lamp, dresser, closet space, curtain
  • mini fridge
  • storage space under bed is approx. 14 in. or 35.5 cm in height
  • full bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) shared by two double rooms/same gender
  • personal safe rental from ABC Safeco

On your floor or building:

  • 1 Resident Assistant
  • 1 Resident Assistant - Academic
  • study room
  • kitchen
  • main lounge with large screen TV
  • cable TV in common areas
  • vending machines
  • laundry facilities ($1.50/wash, $1.25/dry - deducted from laundry account)
  • mail delivery and pick up
  • indoor storage room (bike and sports equipment)
  • swipe card access to building
  • computer stations in lobby for student use
  • daily custodial service in all common areas