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Living Learning Communities

Interested in living in a community with students studying in the same program or area of interest as you? Interest and faculty-based Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are developed to provide a more enriching learning experience both academically and through community engagement.

2024-2025 Offerings

Students who select a Living Learning Community will live near other students from the same program/interest in clusters within the general residence community. Living Learning Communities may be located across multiple buildings and will be connected through a Peer Leader offering support, study sessions, and faculty/interest-based events. Our current offerings include Black Leadership & Excellence and Nursing. If you choose to be a member of a Living Learning Community you will be assigned a room and roommate based on the preferences you have indicated in your application.

Black Leadership & Excellence (BLX)

Our mission is to build a space where Black students can grow, learn and connect with one another on a personal, academic, and cultural level. Through a combination of interactive activities, workshops, and wellness and lifestyle initiatives you will have opportunities to gain valuable experiences and career related transferable skills that will help promote and advance Black lives. For more information, check out our page.


From stethoscope to diagnostic bed, don't miss a chance to practice your diagnostic skills in the mini-nursing lab located in Alumni Hall and available to all community members. In addition to having the opportunity practice your skills, living in this community will provide you with the opportunity to study and connect with other students working towards the same career goals. Your Peer Leader will ensure your feel connected to the Nursing Society and your faculty through offering information and study sessions as well as social opportunities to engage with one another.