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Living Learning Communities

Faculty and Interest-Based Living Learning Communities

Interested in living in a community with students studying in the same program or area of interest as you?

Living Learning Communities are developed to provide a more enriching learning experience both academically and through community engagement.

2020/2021 Offerings

Science Living Learning Community

This is your opportunity to live with other first-year science students on the same floor of residence and just steps away from the Faculty of Science buildings. This living-learning community will have a Resident Assistant (RA) who will guide your academic success and personal growth, as well as Science Peer Mentors, who are upper year science students that will support you through your academic journey. Students will have the opportunity to participate in various science-focused workshops and information sessions, engage with their professors, strengthen their interpersonal and collaborative skills, and come together as a community to ease the transition into university.

Nursing Living Learning Community

You can live with 1st year nursing students on the same floor and you'll benefit from Peer Mentors who will help you transition into first year nursing. You will have a Resident Assistant (RA) assigned to your floor to oversee the nursing community. From stethoscope to diagnostic bed, don't miss a chance to practice your diagnostic skills in the mini-nursing lab steps from your residence room.

Engineering Living Learning Community

Steps away from your labs, these communities offer you a chance to practice your creativity outside of the classroom. Your Resident Assistant (RA) and Peer Mentor will organize study groups and competitions designed to help you succeed in your program. We will also help you make connections through the Win-One program in your Faculty. Start your Engineering degree in a community where you share the same courses and where you can always find a study partner.