Student completes preflight check in plane's cockpit

Welcome to the Aeronautics Leadership Program


The Aeronautics Leadership Program at the University of Windsor offers a unique blend of a Liberal Arts and Leadership-focused education with practical flight training. Students pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, specializing in Aeronautics Leadership. The program's coursework, conducted on the University of Windsor campus, covers a wide range of disciplines including Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Science, and Engineering, offering a diverse and flexible curriculum that allows students to delve into various fields of study.

This Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree is complemented by ground school and flight training, conducted in collaboration with Journey Air Pilot Training, situated at Windsor International Airport (YQG). Journey Air Pilot Training (hyperlink to Journey Air Website) provides hands-on experience, integrating academic learning with practical skills essential in the field of aviation.



Updated: Nov. 15, 2023