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Join the Alumni Association free online book club. 

The book club will connect through a private online forum where members can discuss the current book and network with each other. The group will spend two months on each book. Please see link below for information about the discussions and how to join. Participation is free, you just need to get a copy of the book to join in. 


For alumni and friends who are already members, the next reading period begins Thursday, May 27. The Alumni Book Club next book is: Long Bright River by Liz Moore.

Long Bright River follows two once-inseparable sisters now on opposite sides of the opioid crisis. Kacey is homeless and struggles with her addiction, while her sister Mickey walks the same blocks on her police beat. This suspenseful and heart-wrenching novel alternates between a present-day mystery and stories of the sisters’ childhood.

Best-selling author Paula Hawkins said Long Bright River is “not just a gripping mystery but a thoughtful, powerful novel by a writer who displays enormous compassion for her characters.” 

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Liz Moore

Liz Moore is a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction.

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Suggested Reading Schedule

May 27th - start reading the book and respond to our Pre-Reading Question
By June 10th - finish reading pages 1-99 (from “List” through “This time, I told him.”)
By June 17th - finish reading pages 103-197 (from “I regret to say that it takes me quite a while to compose myself after my conversation with Alonzo.” through “That’s a cop.”)
By June 24th - finish reading pages 201-299 (from “Just as I’d hoped, Kacey’s yearlong incarceration at Riverside changed her.” through “I think you’re acquainted, actually.”)
By July 8th - finish reading pages 300-383 (from “As soon as DiPaolo leaves, I get on my phone.” through “I bet you miss her, he says. I do too.”)
By July 22nd - finish reading the book and join our End-of-Book Discussion

Long Bright River - book giveaway contest!

Were giving away 12 copies of Long Bright River. A draw will be held from the list of book club members registered by May 30. Area readers can pick up the book at independently owned River Bookshop in Amherstburg, Ontario. Winners wil be contacted by the Alumni Relations offiice. Books will be mailed to out of town winners. 


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