Research Clusters

Dr. Frans van Eemeren (University of Amsterdam) in animated discussion with Dr. Tindale and Dr. Hundleby

The following Clusters currently accept new students:

  1. History of argumentation theory
    Blair, Hansen, Pender (Chair), Tindale
  2. Argument & critical thinking education 
    Blair, Boulos (Chair), Hundleby, Kustra, Schuelke-Leech
  3. Science and argument
    Albanese, Boulos, Buchanan, Crawford, Hundleby, Pender, Schuelke-Leech (Chair)
  4. Words, language & cognition in argument
    Buchanan, Guarini, Hansen, Hundleby (acting Chair), Tindale
  5. Visual & multi-modal argument
    Blair, Buchanan, Cappucci (acting Chair), Engle, Kotowich, Papador, Rodney, Rossini (Chair - on leave), Tindale
  6. Feminism, social justice & argument
    Albanese, Bahdi, Cappucci, Crawford, Feldman, Hundleby, Jacobs, Major (Chair), McMurphy
  7. Rhetoric & argument
    Cappucci, Pender, Rodney, Rossini, Tindale (Chair)
  8. Political argument
    Feldman, Hansen, Major, Maltseva, Miljan (Chair), Richez, Schuelke-Leech, Tindale, Wittebols 
  9. Legal reasoning
    Bahdi, Guarini (co-Chair), Jacobs, McMurphy, Sheldon, Venkatesh, Xavier (co-Chair)

Research Clusters give incoming students faculty contacts relevant to their research interests until they establish their dissertation committees. Research Clusters also set the Area Qualifying Exam in which students build their background in a specific area of argumentation studies to prepare for the dissertation.

Clusters may change from year to year.