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Scholarship Descriptions and Qualifications



Canterbury College General Scholarship based on Academic Performance

$ 1000 (2 awarded)

Canterbury College General Scholarship based on Financial Need

$ 1000  (2 awarded)

Canterbury College Entrance Scholarships

Endowed by trust funds given to the College.  Awarded to University of Windsor students who will reside at Canterbury College for the first time basis of academic excellence in the previous year and contribution to their school or society at large.  This Scholarship are provided to subsidize their Canterbury College residence fees in first year. Additional Scholarships are also available upon application.  Applications can be obtained on the Canterbury College Residence Website.

 $ 500

Cyril B. Hallam Residence Scholarship (up to two scholarships may be awarded)

To students of Canterbury College in any Science discipline, on the basis of need and academic excellence to subsidize their residence fees at the College.

$ 400 

(2 awarded)

Edward Ernest Carey Residence Bursary
To an undergraduate student of Canterbury College, on the basis of need, who has attained at least a B average in their first, second, or third year in the Faculty of Social Sciences to subsidize residence fees.

$ 300

Fred and Catherine Musson Memorial Bursary

To an undergraduate or graduate student on the basis of ability and need

$ 150

Rev. Dr. F. Temple Kingston Scholarship
Endowed by the family and friends of the Rev. Dr. Frederick Temple Kingston.  To an undergraduate student of Canterbury College in the humanities on the basis of academic excellence.

$ 250

William M. and Alice Holmes Memorial Prize
Endowed by Mrs. Alice E. Holmes and awarded to a student of Canterbury College in, first, Music or second, the Performing or Visual Arts.

$ 50

**Canterbury College General Scholarship Fund listed in memory of the following donors:

Canterbury College General Scholarship
C.P. Prize
Charles H. Ramin Memorial Prize
E. Nora & Helen Golden Residence Bursary
Ellen Mary Prize
F. C. McRitchie Prize
George E. Marshall Bursary
Guild Prize # 1
Guild Prize # 2
Leslie F. Ounsworth Prize
Percy C. Graham Book Prize
R. Jackson East Prize

Heather Lynn Swift Memorial Prize

Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen

Clifford T. Terry