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History of Scholarships at Canterbury College

The Past

Canterbury College has a long tradition of providing a supportive academic environment for students attending the University of Windsor.  Within this mandate, the College provides a range of scholarships through funds donated over the years by our many friends and supporters to assist students with the costs of university education. The program is designed to recognize academic excellence as well as assist students in financial need with a meaningful and accessible scholarship program.  Our aim is to attract the brightest and the best students to reside at Canterbury College, both nationally and internationally.

In 2008, a review of the scholarship program was initiated to provide more meaningful financial assistance to students in line with the rising costs of University education.  Many small prizes which barely paid for a textbook, let alone living expenses, were consolidated into the General Scholarship Fund.

In line with this, we initiated a program to contact the families of donors to request permission to move the smaller awards into one general scholarship fund and/or increase the amount of the donation to meet the new de minimus amount of $20,000.


As a result of the consolidation process, four new $1000.awards have been created from the General Scholarship Fund to provide more meaningful financial assistance to students. The plan is to increase the number of $1000. Scholarships as funds become available. A de minimus amount of $20,000 has been set  for the creation of new independent scholarships from Restricted Funds.  Smaller amounts are very welcome, but they will be directed to the General Scholarship Fund.  A list of donors to the General Scholarship Fund will be recorded at Canterbury College and provided to the recipients annually. The Restricted Funds and awards remain as previously established.

The existing general qualification criteria remain as:

  1. Awardees must be resident at Canterbury College in the following calendar year.
  2. The award must be applied to the Canterbury College residence fees for the winter semester of the following academic year.
  3. The award must be consistent with the set academic standards and other criteria for fund distribution.

A strategic goal for the College is to increase the scholarship pool.

In addition to the Canterbury College scholarship program, St. Paul's Anglican Chapel at Canterbury College has made a substantial contribution to the University of Windsor Scholarship program. The scholarship will provide a significant  annual financial award to a student in financial need, residing at Canterbury College while attending the University of Windsor.


In 2012  the Board of Directors renewed the effort to contact the families of the Restricted Scholarship Funds requesting authorization from the family of the donor to transfer the funds from restricted to unrestricted use in accordance with the terms of the General Scholarship and Endowment Fund.  An article in the Huron Church News highlighted the decision of the BAC Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen to support student awards of a more meaningful size at Canterbury College. In 2013 the family of Clifford T. Terry authorized the transfer of the remaining funds in the Clifford Terry prize to the General Scholarship Fund.

A renewed effort to increase the pool of funds and increase donations is also under way in conjunction with our Spring 2013 Fund Raising Gala.