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Make the Most of Your UWindsor Education: Get Experience

Take advantage of every opportunity to get hands-on experience you can! UWindsor offers many ways to achieve this - through Experiential Learning in the classroom, in work-place settings, in the community, or in virtual or simulated settings. There are opportunities, both in courses and in co-curricular activities, on-campus, in Windsor-Essex, across Canada, and beyond!

Simply put, Experiential Learning (EL) is learning by doing. EL connects classroom theory to real-life situations through hands-on experiences and reflection, leading to rich and long-lasting learning.

One key element to EL is critical reflection, as it is reflecting on the experience that turns it into a learning opportunity. As a student, reflecting on your experience will enable you to discover, internalize, and articulate the knowledge you’ve gained and skills you’ve developed.

EL comes in many forms. Explore the different course-based EL and co-curricular opportunities at the UWindsor.

Discover the possibilities and get started! 

To help you navigate the many options and opportunities, including hands-on experiential courses and valuable co-curricular activities, the University of Windsor has created an Experience Map tailored to your field(s) of study. To begin, find the Experience Map that best suits you.

Experience Maps

Your Experience Map is your starting place but there are many more opportunities to be found. Learn more about some of them here and make a point of looking for courses with experiential learning and exploring co-curricular activities to make the most of your UWindsor experience!  

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Besides the EL programs our office runs, we can also help you get experience through off-campus part-time and summer jobs. 

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It is never too late (or too early!) to start building your experience and the new skills that come along with it.