Appointments and Drop-In Hours

Peer Drop-In Hours

Meet in-person with a trained peer advisor during drop-in hours for introductory tips and resources on career-related topics including:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing 
  • Job Search Strategies                                                                           
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Planning, and much more!

Summer 2023 Drop-in Hours (May 8th to August 18th)

Monday 12-3PM
Tuesday 12-3PM
Wednesday 12-3PM
Thursday 12-3PM
Friday 12-3PM

Stop by in person at the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre Room #100 anytime during Peer Drop-In Hours. Please visit the Return to Campus website for updated information about requirements for visiting in person.

*Please note that students will be helped on a first come, first served basis and that peers will be able to meet with you for up to 15 minutes so that others can also receive assistance. If you would like more time or a more thorough review, see below to learn how to book with one of our professional advisors.

*Please check mySuccess for live updates on when hours may be cancelled

Scheduled Appointments with a Career Advisor

Looking for help with your job search or need some support to gain clarity about your career goals? Our team of career advisors offer 30 minute, scheduled, one-on-one appointments on a variety of career development and job search related topics.

We currently offer our appointments in three possible modes:

  • In Person: Take place in #100 Joyce Entreneurship Centre. Please visit the Return to Campus website for updated information about requirements for visiting in person.
  • Online: The provider will send you an invite to a Microsoft Teams meeting or further instructions if they are using a different platform.
  • Phone: The provider will call you at the number you entered when the appointment is scheduled to begin.

Each time slot will have the Appointment Mode set to either 'Online' or 'In Person' as a default. If other modes are available, you will be able to select another option when you book your appointment through mySuccess.

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Career Advising Topics:

Discuss what kind of careers you can go into with your major and some viable long-term plans based on your interests, aptitudes, and academic profile.

Learn more about your interests, skills, and values and how to link them to possible careers. Investigate what options are out there in the world of work and gain answers to common career questions like, “What can I do with my major?” and “Where am I going with my career?” Work with a career advisor to develop a plan for how to get there.

Receive information on effective job search techniques. Learn how to identify employment goals, match skills and experience, research and access employer information, and develop a personalized job search plan that gets results.

Guidance and tips will be provided on the purpose of a resume/cover letter, how they are viewed by potential employers, and the construction and formatting of an eye catching, industry specific resume.  You can also bring in your resume/cover letter and a job posting you want to apply to, and receive tips on how to tailor your application to that specific job.

This half-hour career advising appointment gives you the opportunity to discuss strategies and best practices with a knowledgeable, objective party ahead of your interview.

Once you've attended an Interview Prep appointment or completed an "Introduction to Interviews" or "Advanced Interview" workshop, you may schedule an in-person mock interview with a member of the Career Development & Experiential Learning team. A Mock Interview, which takes approximately one hour, gives you an excellent opportunity to practice interviewing with a trained professional who is well versed in the job interview process.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for networking and connecting with job opportunities. Review your LinkedIn profile with a career advisor and get some guidance and tips on how to enhance it and increase your chances of impressing employers and recruiters in your desired field.

Learn more about graduate and professional schools and the purpose of preparing a written personal statement or letter of intent as a part of the application process. Explore what needs to go into documents and gain and understanding of how to tailor your work to the specific information each program is looking for. Have your statement reviewed for content, style, and professionalism.

Discuss the various options that may exist and explore things you may want to consider when determining program options. If you already intend to apply for additional schooling you can discuss tips for your application materials or have your personal statement reviewed.

If you have an admission interview coming up for Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, etc. Learn how to prepare for school entrance interviews and effectively discuss your skills and experience related to your program of choice.

Guidance and tips will be provided on the purpose of a CV, when to use one, and the construction and formatting of an eye catching CV for applying to opportunities in academia and research.

If you are struggling to find a career path that is right for you, looking to become more aware of occupations related to your field, or in need of goal-oriented career planning, participate in this multi-session series of appointments for thorough support and guidance from a career consultant.

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