Event Organizer Roles & Responsiblities for Emergency Response during Special Events

An Event Organizer is defined as the person who schedules and plans a special event on campus, including conferences, meetings, activities, functions, and other social events. Event Organizers are responsible:

  • To be familiar with Emergency Evacuation Procedures, including the posted evacuation routes;
  • During the special event, to evacuate the event space and have event patrons exit the building as quickly and safely as possible 

When Planning a Special Event

The Event Organizer shall assign an appropriate number of event staff/volunteers to assist with evacuation and patrons requiring assistance to evacuate the building. All staff/volunteers assigned to assist with evacuation must be trained in their roles and responsibilities in the event of a fire alarm.

For more information on the evacuation of Persons Requiring Assistance, please reference the Emergency Procedures for Persons Requiring Assistance in Evacuation page.

For large events, or when an event is being held in a space not intended for continuous occupancy (i.e. part of an egress route or corridor), a plan must be submitted to Health and Safety in advance of the event for approval from Windsor Fire Department. Please contact Health and Safety for more information on this process. 

When the Fire Alarm Sounds

The Event Organizer will take charge of the classroom / event space, and ensure:

  • Event patrons evacuate safely;
  • Event patrons have moved to a safe area away from the building;
  • During an alarm after-hours, that appropriate emergency services have been notified (Campus Community Police at ext. 911 or Windsor Fire at 9-1-1 from a mobile phone). Provide the location of fire, your name and answer any questions asked by the dispatcher.

When Emergency Services Arrive

  • Wait for further instruction from Windsor Fire & Rescue Services and/or Campus Community Police.
  • Provide any known information on the evacuation status, nature of the emergency, any injured occupants or persons requiring assistance, or location of anyone in the building who refused to evacuate.
  • DO NOT let event patrons back into the building until Windsor Fire and/or Campus Community Police declares it safe to do so.
  • The designated meeting area in the event of an extended and/or after-hours evacuation is the CAW Student Centre, or alternate location as determined by emergency responders.