Lancers Care Fair Fair-Exhibitor FAQ's

Who should attend the Lancers Care Volunteer Fair

  • Non-profit or community organizations that anticipate or are actively recruiting for volunteer opportunities that are suitable for current students or recent graduates from the University of Windsor.
  • While we recognize the importance of service providers, only organizations with volunteer opportunities for students and recent alumni are invited to attend this event.

Who can I expect to meet?

  • Students from the University of Windsor exploring volunteer opportunities. Each session has a maximum of 250 participants.

Will there be an opportunity to conduct interviews at the fair?

  • There will be an opportunity to enter into a private Breakout Room during the session if you wish to conduct interviews or have private one-on-one conversations
  • To arrange additional interview times, outside the scheduled session, please contact our Workplace Partnerships team by email at

Registration Policy

  1. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Each start time will be limited to one employer registration. 
  2. Registrations must be submitted through the on-line registration system
  3. The hosting institution has the right to vet registrations to ensure organizations are non-profit or community organizations and are actively recruiting for volunteer positions