Risk Management: Remote interactive simulations and labs

Although there may not be risks that immediately come to mind when thinking about a remote simulated workplace activity or lab, here are a few questions to start the brainstorming process:

  • Will the activity create potential health and safety risks or use equipment requiring training?  Is there a plan to manage the risk through training, personal protective equipment and supervision?
  • Will students be provided thorough safety instructions for working at home just as if they were completing the activity face-to-face? Will all safety instructions be documented?
  • Will a safety checklist be completed by the students and submitted to the instructor?
  • If material will be mailed/shipped to students for activities, are all applicable laws complied with and no hazardous material mailed/shipped?
  • Will students need to leave their home to complete any of the activity?
  • Are expectations and resources for help clearly defined?
  • Will all students, including students with disabilities, be able to complete all aspects of the experiential learning opportunity?

If you have any questions about the potential risk involved in your activity, contact the Insurance, Risk Management & FIPPA Officer.

Once you have addressed the risks that come to mind, contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning if you need help ensuring the activity is aligned with course learning outcomes and meets the criteria of a true experiential learning activity.