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Experiential Learning Student Info - photo of students working with film camera

Student EL FAQs

  • Know what apps or programs will be required for communication and know how to use them before the internship starts so you can communicate on the first day. If you need help, check out the resources available for students.
  • Keep your communications professional.
  • Be on time.
  • Read and implement Tips for Working at Home.
  • Ensure you are clear of expectations, roles, duties.
  • Ask questions
  • Schedule check-ins with your employer.
  • Create a weekly action plan for yourself.
  • Jump in! Participate and make connections. Take advantage of opportunities to “meet” others.
  • Use carefully chosen informational interviews within the company.
  • Participate in Linkedin
  • Inform your placement coordinator immediately of issues that will affect the success of your placement.
  • Ensure health and safety training is completed and rules are followed.

Experiential Learning (EL) connects classroom theory with practical, hands-on experiences through reflection. 

Based on the premise that people learn best from experience, EL helps enhance students’ academic curriculum, leading to broad and long-lasting learning outcomes.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • builds your resume by gaining practical experience related to your field of study
  • helps in confirming and / or choosing a field of study
  • allows you to 'test-drive' occupations and tasks related to your field of study
  • helps you identify the type of industry, organization, or occupation that you may want to work in after graduation
  • helps build a professional network
  • offers the opportunity to develop new career-related skills and improve upon current skills
  • offers the opportunity to build transferable skills that are in high demand (ex. communication, time-management, critical thinking)

At the University of Windsor there are countless opportunities to participate in Experiential Learning. 

Explore some of the rich Credit/Course Based Opportunities.  

There are also many Co-curricular Activities & Leadership Roles. Here is a sample:

Book an appointment or sign up for a workshop through mySuccess. You can find more information on the How We Can Help page.

If you are a law student or a business student, check out the career centre in your faculty.

Yes, our career advisors can help you articulate your new skills and put it on your resume. Book an appointment through mySuccess to meet a career advisor.