Co-op Programs

Co-op programs integrate academic study with work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and the professions.

Since 1973, the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE) has been a resource for educators, students and employers interested in the co-operative education process. CAFCE is a member-driven association with over 400 members from colleges, universities, government and business actively advocating and promoting post-secondary co-operative education.

The designation certifies programs as meeting the association's criteria, including:

  • Approval by the University of each work placement;
  • Productive full-time paid work for participants; and
  • Monitoring their job performance by educators and employers.

The association provides a national forum for co-op professionals to advance Canada's post-secondary co-operative education.

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"Throughout the course of my Undergraduate career, my employability skills have substantially grown. For example, before initially applying to the co-op program, I had never created a resume or cover letter. Although I held a few different employment positions before starting University, they were all within the same organization and I was never required to submit a formal resume or cover letter. As such, the co-op program has taught me how to properly compose both a resume and cover letter, and how to tailor every document to a specific position. Similarly, I had never completed a job search or been on a formal interview prior to beginning University. Fortunately, participating in the co-op program allowed me to gain the skills required to conduct a job search, which is extremely valuable now and in the future. Moreover, I also learned how to properly prepare for an interview, and successfully attained work term positions partially due to well-developed interview skills. Thus, it is clear that my participation in the co-op program has greatly enhanced my employability skills."

Meagan Littlejohn
Human Kinetics, Sports Management