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It All Adds Up


What Is The Campaign About?

Have you ever thought?

  • "I feel like I have too much on my plate but I'm not sure if I'm doing enough."
  • "I'm afraid I don't have the experience employers or grad schools seek."
  • "I'd like to gain experience outside of the classoom but I don't know where to begin."

How about stopping for a moment and taking the time to think about how IT ALL ADDS UP!  

Stop by one of our booths, celebrate your accomplishments and take the time to:

  • make informed decisions about how to spend your time (which will look different for everyone)
  • develop confidence in knowing that you are developing skills, knowledge and a network 
  • learn about the FREE career development support on campus

Join us on one of the following days:

  • Wednesday, November 8th 11:30am-3:00pm in the CAW Student Centre
  • Thursday, November 9th 11:30am-4:15pm in the Career Development & Experiential Learning Office, JEC 100
  • Thursday, November 23rd 9:30am-12:00pm  in the CAW Student Centre

Have questions?  Email