Open positions

Opening for Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Research Associates

in Advanced Clean Combustion Technologies and Industrial Projects

Applicants for NSERC Scholarships and Postdoctoral Fellowships are welcome.

M. Sc.

  • Biofuel research, IC engine aftertreatment and modeling

** Applied Research in Clean Combustion Engines in a joint program with Ford

The Masters level research program would include one year of study at the University and two years of hands-on engine research at Ford’s Powertrain Engineering, Research and Development Centre in Windsor. The financial support is significantly above the typical university research assistantships. (Canadian and Permanent Residents only)


  • Low temperature combustion, high efficiency clean engines, forward/backward combustion control, HAV-VVT research,  in-cylinder sampling, biofuel research, high-power-ignition control, aftertreatment control and modeling.

Postdoctoral Research Fellows:

  • Advanced clean combustion and high efficiency engines, combustion diagnostics, spark-energy measurement, power-electronic design/control, modeling, and control, IC engine aftertreatment.