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Expected Outcomes

Scholarly Benefits 

  1. Enhanced Curriculum: through a blend of scholarship sharing and integration of the international student voice, we enhanced the overall quality of education provided to online international students. 
  2. Enhanced Theory: by bringing together scholars, instructors, educational developers, administrators, and students, we worked toward enhanced theory development to thoroughly understand the online international student learning experience
  3. Training and Skill Development: through synergistic collaboration, we identified strategies for enhancing the teaching of international students. 

Social Benefits 

  1.  Cultural Outcomes: by focusing on the perspectives of international students and taking into account their various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, we improved the teaching and learning of international students. The Research Symposium also produced implications for the ways in which academic institutions consider the use of online or open learning with other student populations; including Indigenous communities, new immigrants, students with disabilities, and first-generation students.
  2. Enhanced Professional Practice: by creating a robust discussion on the international student learning experience, we supported academics, administrators, curriculum designers, emerging scholars, and students with the knowledge and skills needed to utilize online, open education technologies with diverse international student populations. ​

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